Product Newsflash: 5 NEW Specialty Products

Jennifer Grivetto All Entries, NewLeaf Products, NewLeaf Wholesale

Further diversifying NewLeaf’s already varied product mix, NewLeaf Wholesale rolls out numerous new Specialty Products bringing new PORTFOLIO benefits to NewLeaf Mortgage Partners.

Rolled out September 27th, with loan amounts ranging from $75K to $4M (with possible exceptions exceeding $4M) offering features such as:

  • No DU or LP
  • Full Documentation and Alternative Documentation
  • 5yr, 7yr and 10yr (fully amortized and interest only)

are the following 5 new products:

  • Prime Non-QM
  • Elite Bank Statement
  • 1 Year Tax Return
  • Early Access
  • Asset for Income

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The gravy? This is only the beginning. Consider this a teaser for additional Specialty Products lined up for release highlighting PORTFOLIO benefits.

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