Looking for a stable Lender who knows FHA / VA inside out…and…is also having a September Pricing Special?

Jennifer Grivetto All Entries, NewLeaf Products, NewLeaf Wholesale

“The depth of experience and integral understanding of Government Loans allows NewLeaf’s Operation Team to overcome hurdles and find solutions.  From Opening and Underwriting to Docs and Funding, the entire staff is engaged and geared to close your loan.”  Brad Konold, NewLeaf Wholesale Operations Manager

It is easy to say that a company specializes in something.  If the company performs a certain service for some time… BAM… they specialize in it.  At NewLeaf, we take that word “specialize” very seriously…adapting the definition highlighting superior design or quality.

Specializing does not just mean that we know enough to get by closing our Govie favs, VA / FHA…it means we know all of the necessary intricacies to help properly structure a file for the cleanest approval possible, ensure an excellent (superior) user experience for our Brokers. (Needing to get approved / close timely is a given…nothing less is acceptable.)    From DE Underwriters to well maintained, detailed Product Matrices and Job Aids, NewLeaf supports you and your client through the entire process.

And…there’s more!  (:-D)  For the month of September, NewLeaf is offering a built-in pricing special on all FHA / VA loans.  That means the pricing improvement is already reflected on the rate sheet.  This Sizzlin’ Summer Savings includes FHA / VA:

  • Purchase
  • Refi
  • Cashout
  • Streamlines
  • IRRRLs

Click through to Sizzlin’ Summer Savings for details.

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